Digital, print & motion

I am a designer with over 16 years experience
with a diverse background, working across web (UI/UX/IA),
motion and video, presentations and print.

Designing responsive websites (UI), good UX, considered IA, with wireframing and site maps, focusing on a smooth, relevant user journey have all been part of a days work. With a chocolate digestive in tow, motion graphics, video production, print and presentation design fill up the rest of the day, all completed for some of the world's biggest brands and companies.

They all have the same goal: to tell a story and engage an audience.

Digital native

Principally I focus on digital. I am quick to recognise changing trends and keen on embracing new and emerging technologies. I have always adapted to client requirements, hence the variety in my background. I’m at ease in environments where projects require a very agile and flexible method of working whilst maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail.

Away from the computer

I have overseen projects by working closely with project managers and clients; have met clients for initial scoping meetings and presented concepts and ideas; planned content structure and messaging; ensured that the projects are on spec, on budget and achieving key deliverables. I also work closely with junior team members..

Digital and Print

Web (UI, UX, IA) and print with industry leading digital presentations. Strong design, animation and interaction with eloquent story telling.


Story telling that moves, in motion and video

Showreel General
Production & Post
The Capital - Trouble
Motion graphics